How Does Frame-of-Reference Training Increase Rater Accuracy? A Test of Potential Explanatory Mechanisms.

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

In the job interview literature, the positive effect of Frame-of-Reference (FOR) training on interviewer rating accuracy is well documented. However, how this training method increases rating accuracy is not well understood. The present study focused on rater individual difference characteristics as potential explanatory mechanisms for the effects of FOR training on accuracy. The researcher hypothesised that FOR training would enhance raters’ dispositional reasoning, rating motivation and self-efficacy, which, in turn, would increase their rating accuracy. A post-test only experimental research design was used in a sample of 32 students from a South African university. Participants were randomly assigned to the FOR training intervention or the no-training condition. Participants were required to rate three videotaped candidates on an interview competency and completed various individual difference measures. The FOR training intervention positively affected rating accuracy and findings suggest this effect may occur because of the influence of FOR training on dispositional reasoning, rather than FOR training enhancing rater motivation or self-efficacy. Study limitations and recommendations for future research are noted.