The global development agenda and the human rights of women in Africa

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

2015 signals the end of the Millennium Development Goals. Amidst the present reflection on, and analysis of, the progress of the implementation of the current development agenda, the draft post-2015 SDGs are in the final stages of their development. With the imminent adoption of the new goals by UN Member States in September 2015 the post-2015sustainable development agenda aims to integrate the principle of sustainability in order to continue the global drive for economic and human development within environmental limits. Through a comparative analysis of the Millennium Development Goals, the draft post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals as well as the documents that have contributed to their development, this paper critiques the manner in which the human rights of women have been, and will continue to be, addressed by the global development agenda. Additionally, using the African continent as a case study, this dissertation exposes the role played by regional political and human rights systems on the implementation of the global intention. Neglecting to adequately promote and protect the human rights of women in the continent reflects a lack of consideration for the interconnected nature of socioeconomic and environmental development and has wider consequences globally.

Includes bibliographical references