Customer satisfaction with Internet banking web sites: An empirical test and validation of a measuring instrument

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South African Computer Journal

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South African Computer Society


University of Cape Town

Measuring user satisfaction with information systems has attracted widespread research attention, given it is often used as an indicator of success. The Internet has allowed applications to be extended to customers of an organization, where interaction can take place through a web site, typically from home or office. The focus of attention with such applications is customer satisfaction. In this research, a 21-item, 7-factor instrument developed to measure customer satisfaction with web sites that market generic digital products and services was modified slightly, and then empirically tested and validated in the context of Internet banking specifically. A 19-item, 5-factor validated instrument emerged, the factors being Customer Support, Security, Ease of Use, Transactions and Payment, and Information Content and Innovation. The difference in number of factors as compared to the generic instrument was attributed to the unique nature of Internet banking web sites. These and other findings are discussed in the paper, and their implications examined.