An application of brain-based education principles with ICT as a cognitive tool: a case study of grade 6 decimal instruction at Sunlands Primary School

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The larger population of South African learners do not learn effectively and struggle with low academic achievements currently. This can be attributed to various factors such as frequent changes in the curriculum, underqualified educators, ineffective teaching methods and barriers to learning existing in classrooms today. Learners need extra support, including cognitive support, but in reality the heavy workload of educators may prevent them from giving learners the needed support. If support is given, it is minimal or not effective enough. Computer technologies may afford both educators and learners such opportunities when used as a cognitive tool in activities that provide the needed support. This research is concerned with the use of computer technology as a cognitive tool to activate learners' cognitive processes, thus enhancing learning, based on Brain Based Education principles. The objective is to lay the foundation in using computer technologies as cognitive tools in educators' teaching practice and instructional design to make teaching and learning more effective, interactive, real world based, giving meaning to what is learnt and to enhance understanding.