Delivering a research mission in an ICT-mediated information age: The case of the University of Cape Town

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University of Cape Town

This report provides an overview of policies, practices and infrastructure at the University of Cape Town (UCT) related to the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for research publication. The report will primarily be concerned with the extent to which UCT is aligning its scholarly communications with its research strategy and with national priorities for higher education. In other words, are the ways in which UCT is publishing its research truly fulfilling its research mission? And are the new possibilities for the publication of research results being used effectively to deliver the targets set for the university in national policy? Is the potential of ICTs being effectively harnessed to reach the range of audiences that UCT research aims to address? Is UCT taking maximum advantage of the potential of communication technologies to demonstrate the ways in which its research impacts on national development goals? Is it taking best advantage of the potential to position the university in a competitive global higher education environment?