A simplified game engine for a game development course

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The Video Game industry is maturing. Success in the video game industry relies on many things, including marketing, sound business practises, and top notch technical implementation. Games Engines are software systems that facilitate game production. The growth of the game industry has increased the demand for programmers trained in game development technologies. A simplified game engine, designed specifically for the game development courses which service the supply of graduates for the industry, could have many advantages. This dissertation analysed the requirements of such a system. We found that such a game engine would need to be extensible, reusable, modular, be easy to learn, and be open source. It would also need to at least include graphics, audio, networking and path-finding components. Our analysis found that no game engine currently exists that fulfills all these requirements. We designed and implemented a game engine to fulfill all these requirements. Our game engine is built around a module framework, where each task of the game engine is handled by a module. This modular design allows us to easily change functionality by adding, removing or updating modules.

Includes bibliographical references.