The theatrical landscape as framework for home-grown patterns of chaos : making a play about tea-cups and doing the washing

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The major research behind this written explication was the creation of a play about tea-cups and doing the washing. This production was devised, directed, designed and written with several UCT drama students, other selected performers and musicians and played at The Little Theatre, Orange St, Cape Town, in October 2004. I wanted to make a piece of 'home - grown' theatre, a term I have developed to describe a primarily visual art-form that focuses on recognising beauty in everyday existence. Home-grown theatre is concerned with the profound importance of very commonplace things and the complexity and density contained within this mundane terrain. This paper explains the concepts and principles that surround home-grown theatre to provide a context for the thinking and the motivation behind it. This paper explicates both the theory that informed my ideas for its conception and the philosophies of art and science that inspired my style for making the play. It investigates the work and writings of artists, philosophers, scientists, playwrights and theatre practitioners, who all identify elements in their fields, which link them to my home-grown theatre.

Includes bibliographical references (leaves 53-55).