TEDI 4 Week 3 - Learning opportunities - a caregiver's perspective

In this video, Karlien Spangenbergen talks with Eliz-Mari Williams about practical strategies to facilitate learning children with severe to profound intellectual disability to keep them engaged and learning throughout the day. Eliz-Mari discusses the importance of communicating with caregivers about the mental and emotional state of the children before classes begin, so as to be able to adapt learning for each children's needs. She then goes on to discusses the lesson plan for each day, covering aspects such as fine and gross motor skills, storytelling and group singing exercises, and social skills development. She discusses how to divide a classroom with students at different levels into groups so as to be able to customise learning depending on the children's needs and capabilities. She then discusses how to use learning exercises to determine which learning stage each child has reached, as well as the challenges that group and partnered work sometimes surfaces.