Morphology and taxonomy of Mondia (Apocynaceae: Periplocoideae)


Show simple item record Venter, H J T Verhoeven, R L Bruyns, P V 2018-09-19T14:15:13Z 2018-09-19T14:15:13Z 2009
dc.identifier.citation Venter, H. J. T., Verhoeven, R. L., & Bruyns, P. V. (2009). Morphology and taxonomy of Mondia (Apocynaceae: Periplocoideae). South African Journal of Botany, 75(3), 456-465.
dc.description.abstract The bitypic Mondia Skeels is found in the moist tropical and subtropical forests of Africa. Both species are lianes with large leaves, fringe-like interpetiolar stipular ridges, large panicles and brownish, reddish to purplish flowers with conspicuous and well exposed gynostegia. Mondia resembles Batesanthus N.E.Br., Myriopteron Griff. and Tacazzea Decne. in being large woody climbers with large leaves, large many-flowered inflorescences, and rotate flowers with grooved translators and pollen of which the 4–6-porate grains are fused into tetrads. Mondia is distinguished from these genera by having fringe-like interpetiolar ridges and bi- or tri-segmented corona lobes. Batesanthus, furthermore, differs from Mondia by having fleshy interpetioler ridges, a corolla with recurvate tube and an annular corona. The species of Myriopteron and Tacazzea, in contrast to Mondia, have non-fleshy interpetiolar ridges, a herbaceous corolla with linear to narrowly ovate lobes, and in the case of Myriopteron keel-shaped follicles with lateral membranous fins. Apart from these three genera Mondia shows affinity to Chlorocyathus Oliv. and Stomatostemma N.E.Br. Although both genera are also large climbers, they are characterised by root tubers and flowers with campanulate corollas. Here we present descriptions of micro- and macro-morphological features of Mondia and its two species, as well as a key to the species and notes on distribution patterns, ecology and uses. We also discuss possible relationships with other genera among the Periplocoideae.
dc.source South African Journal of Botany
dc.subject.other Africa
dc.subject.other Apocynaceae
dc.subject.other Mondia
dc.subject.other Morphology
dc.subject.other Periplocoideae
dc.subject.other Taxonomy
dc.title Morphology and taxonomy of Mondia (Apocynaceae: Periplocoideae) 2016-01-14T08:41:51Z
dc.publisher.institution University of Cape Town
dc.publisher.faculty Faculty of Science en_ZA
dc.publisher.department Department of Biological Sciences en_ZA
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