EDN 5510 - Advanced Research Design


Advanced Research Design

Advanced research design is a compulsory module offered to Masters in Education (MEd) in Information Communication Technology (ICT) students embarking on a minor dissertation. The Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) at the University of Cape Town offers the course in blended (hybrid) mode for students in their ICTs in Education stream. The hybrid module involves pre-course work, a 6 day face-to-face block component where students develop and get feedback on an initial research design, followed by post-course proposal development with lecturers and peer feedback. This record contains a selection of materials from the course, named according to the dominant theme explored in each resource, namely: 1 - Research Topic and Problem; 2 - Context and rationale; 3 - Concepts, empirical research and literature review; 4 - Conceptual frameworks and theories; 5 - Research questions; 6 - Data collection and data analysis; 7 - Ethics; and 9 - Validity. These materials were last updated July 2017.