Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact - Report back



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University of Cape Town. OpenUCT

University of Cape Town

The Cambridge 2012 OER conference was held in Cambridge this year (16- 18 April 2012), at the Queens' Sussex College and was run jointly by the OCW and SCORE. I give a short break down of the themes of the 3 day conference and highlight topics I found interesting. The conference kicked off with pre-conference workshops on the Sunday, 15th. Some of the workshops that were run: Making Open Courseware Together (Edward Cherlin); Using Creative Commons Licenses for Education (Joscelyn Upendran) amongst a few others. Workshops, presentations and panel discussions were happening concurrently- this made it difficult to be in more than one venue at a time. As with many of many conferences in this day and age, technology enabled offline discussions to happen in real-time through Twitter. With #cam12 as the backdrop, Day 1 kicked off with the conference chair, Andy Lane, welcoming all the delegates from around the world.