Attitudes and perception of healthcare workers in health facilities with regards to the 'Intention to Use' of the Road to Health Booklet (RtHB)

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

Introduction: That low and middle income countries (LMICs) are plagued with high burdens of disease and limited health resources is well documented in the literature. These two realities necessitate the availability of good quality and reliable information to enable the efficient distribution of recourses and services. Growing recognition of the importance of health information has seen the introduction of numerous health information systems (HIS). The goal of these HIS is to attain preventative and curative treatment for those that need them, in adequate quantities, promptly, reliably and at equitable cost. Amongst the variety of HIS is the Road-to-Health Booklet (RtHB) in South Africa. This is a paper-based, patient-held medical record given to new mothers, intended to monitor all contact children have with the healthcare system. Due to the dearth of local research and increasing need for strong HIS, more research is needed in the implementation of the HIS and its use by healthcare workers (HCWs) in the African context. Methods: The aim of this study is to explore and understand the influence HCWs' attitudes and perceptions have on the implementation of the RtHB within the Khayelitsha Sub-District of Cape Town, South Africa. A qualitative case study was conducted utilising in-depth interviews, naturalistic observations, document review and mind mapping to explore HCWs' attitudes and perceptions on the RtHB. A combination of purposive and snowball sampling was used to identify participants with insights on the RtHB.