L'enseignement/apprentissage du frangais au Zimbabwe : vers la professionalization d'un metier pour la revalorisation du francais dans le pays

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

Our study aims to review the state of the teaching/learning of FLE in Zimbabwe and draw up the profile the FLE teacher to lead to the creation of an association for French studies in the interest not only 'professionalising' the craft of the FLE teacher in Zimbabwe but also to ensure the sustainability of the offer of French language instruction in all schools in the country. The association would serve as a platform for exchange and professional development for current and future teachers of FLE. It would work to build professional, educational, language and cultural skills for teachers or refresh these skills so as to ensure the increased quality of teaching French in the country. In the face of new and diverse audiences and challenges, the teacher of FLE Zimbabwe needs to continuously keep abreast with these evolutions. It is therefore imperative to develop the right set of skills in order to better handle new professional situations both at the individual and group level.