Sardine TAC and initial anchovy TAC and sardine TAB for 2006, using re-revised OMP-04


Show simple item record Johnston, Susan J Butterworth, Doug S 2016-04-18T09:39:31Z 2016-04-18T09:39:31Z 2005
dc.identifier.citation Johnston, S. J., & Butterworth, D. S. (2005). Sardine TAC and Initial Anchovy TAC and Sardine TAB for 2006, using Re-Revised OMP-04. SWG/DEC05/PEL/04 en_ZA
dc.description.abstract Following the recent 2005 spawner biomass survey, the initial 2006 TACs for the South African sardine and initial sardine TAB are to be set. The following data have been used: 1. November 2005 survey sardine spawner biomass: 962 289 tonnes (November 2004 = 2 607 064 tonnes). 2. November 2005 survey anchovy spawner biomass: 3 062 710 tonnes (November 2004 = 2 035 827 tonnes). 3. Directed sardine TAC for 2005: 382 119 tonnes. 4. Anchovy normal season TAC for 2005: 215 000 tonnes1 Using the above data, the initial 2006 TACs and TAB are calculated by the Rerevised OMP-04 (Cunningham and Butterworth 2005a) to be: Directed sardine TAC: 204 000 tonnes (eqn (A.1, A.2)) Initial normal season anchovy TAC: 212 251 tonnes (eqn (A.3, A.4)) Initial normal season sardine TAB: 32 711 tonnes (eqn (A.6) en_ZA
dc.language eng en_ZA
dc.subject.other Sardine TAC
dc.subject.other Anchovy TAC
dc.subject.other Sardine TAB
dc.subject.other re-revised OMP-04
dc.title Sardine TAC and initial anchovy TAC and sardine TAB for 2006, using re-revised OMP-04 en_ZA
dc.type Working Paper en_ZA 2016-04-18T09:38:13Z
uct.type.publication Research en_ZA
uct.type.resource Research paper en_ZA
dc.publisher.institution University of Cape Town
dc.publisher.faculty Faculty of Science en_ZA
dc.publisher.department Marine Resource Assessment and Management Group en_ZA
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