Technical details underlying the Management Strategy Evaluation process leading to selection of a Management Procedure for Western Component (4Xopqrs5) pollock



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Fisheries and Oceans Canada


University of Cape Town

This document provides full technical details of the computations carried out during the process of developing and selecting a Management Procedure (MP) for providing annual catch limits for Western Component (4Xopqrs5) Pollock. This process commenced at a workshop held on 9-10 December 2010, and was completed at a Regional Assessment Process held on 9-10 May 2011. First key aspects of the methodology are elaborated: the various operating models of the Pollock population dynamics used in the simulation testing of Candidate MPs for the resource; the projection methodology for simulating population behaviour into the future; the statistics agreed to measure Candidate MP performance; and finally the details of the Candidate MPs, which all specify catch limits based on the three-year geometric mean of the survey abundance index for the resource. The results of these simulations are reported, together with an explanation of how one of the Candidate MPs was selected on the basis of best satisfying three medium term objectives agreed for management of the resource. These relate to considerations of sustainability, catch and limitations on the extent of annual catch changes.