Needs, problems and stress of rural cancer patients : an interpretation according to the biomatrix theory

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The purpose of this study was to identify the needs and problems that were experienced by rural cancer patients and to investigate the level of emotional stress that they reported. A further purpose was to interpret the main findings of the study according to the Biomatrix Theory. 496 Cancer patients who lived in rural areas of the Western Cape and 140 urban cancer patients were interviewed. The urban cancer patients formed a control group for comparison of the stress data. In order to consider the needs and problems of rural cancer patients from a widespread area, stratified random sampling of magisterial districts was applied and an attempt was made to interview all cancer patients who were living in each of the 21 magisterial districts sampled. Data on needs and problems were collected by use of a questionnaire, and the stress data was collected by administering a modified format of the Stress Evaluation Inventory (SEI). The findings of this study revealed that financial difficulties were the most frequently reported problem while transport difficulties and frustration of emotional support needs were also frequently reported. Patients who reported experiencing these problems also reported statistically significantly higher stress according to the SEI than those who did not.

Bibliography: pages 119-139.