South-North dialogue on equity in the greenhouse. A proposal for an adequate and equitable global climate agreement

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University of Cape Town

International climate policy is at a crossroads. On the one hand negotiations have reached a deadlock in the past two years as all countries wait for Russia to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. On the other hand there is a lively debate beyond official negotiations on options for the mid- and long-term development of the climate regime, and a growing recognition that such a development is of utmost importance. In the near future, progressive forces in the climate arena should strongly focus on bringing the Kyoto Protocol into force; in the years to come, the crucial issue will be how to design the climate regime so that it effectively combats further climate change without jeopardizing the basic development needs of developing countries. Regardless of when or whether the Kyoto Protocol enters into force, the challenge of future climate negotiations will be to embed the next steps in a long-term framework that aims at an adequate and equitable global climate agreement that takes into account the right to sustainable development of all countries.