The role of anger in managerial effectiveness

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The aim of this study was to investigate the role of anger on managerial effectiveness. To this end, a sample of male managers in a South African financial organisation completed questionnaires on the experience of anger, the expression of anger, and Type A behaviour. Managerial effectiveness was assessed in terms of the behavioural dimensions of the organisation's assessment centre and performance appraisal, as well as a managerial achievement quotient. A factor analysis computed separately for the 11 assessment centre dimensions and the 11 performance appraisal criteria revealed three orthogonal factors in both analyses. Product moment correlation coefficients were calculated between all the variables, including the new factor scores. The performance appraisal factor labled "Emphasising Quality in Solution and Production" was significantly correlated with trait anger, and the performance appraisal factor labled "Maintaining Supportive Interpersonal Relationships" was significantly correlated with state anger , trait anger, anger expression , and Type A behaviour . The assessment centre factors labled "Making and Communication Decisions" and "Interpersonal Planning" correlated significantly with anger expression and trait anger, respectively. Finally, the managerial achievement quotient correlated positively and significantly with Type A behaviour. The conceptual and methodological issues confronted in the present research may provide new insight for future investigations regarding stress and organisational psychology.

Bibliography: leaves 194-227.